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Please contact our service centre for further assistance regarding product part and accessories:

Tel: 011-3573777

Email: parts@skyworth.co.za

My TV is broken and my warranty period has expired, what do I do?

You can still get your TV repaired, please contact or service center for further information

What does my warranty cover?

All parts and labour for latent defects, this excludes any physical damage or abuse.

What multimedia can my TV set play?

Depending on the TV model. most TV sets support:

  • JPEG
  • MP3
  • MPEG4

How do I install Apps on my TV?

Installing Apps using APK Installer on my Skyworth TV Home screen

  1. Open your browser on your computer, find the APK file you want to download, and select it.
  2. Once the App is downloaded, open Downloads, right-click on the APK file, then save to USB or external storage device.
  3. To install this APK from your storage device to the TV, plug the USB in to the TV.
  4. On your HOME screen, go to APK installer, and select the APP you would like to install
  5. The app will begin installing on your device.

After the application has successfully been installed the user can run the app with no issues

The TV set is completely dead with no power at all why is this?

This is generally caused by a power supply failure, try restarting the TV or contact our service centre for further assistance

The TV set won’t power on and the power light is flashing?

This usually means the self-diagnostic system has detected a problem and the unit may need to be serviced. In some cases unplugging the power supply from the unit and waiting for a few minutes before re-plugging the unit in again may correct the problem.

A particular input is not working on my TV

In some cases where an input refuses to operate, it may just be a faulty input port. Unplugging power from both the signal source and TV or projector could possibly correct the problem

The TV set won’t tune in digital channels

In cases when a particular TV won’t receive the Digital Channels we have found that the TV set was manufactured before Digital tuners were required and does not have the capability to receive them.

Other reasons may be is that the tuner system has been set to “analogue” mode which could result in no channels found when a channel scan is performed.

Make sure the tuner setting is set to “DVBT” mode then scan channels again.

If it is an older TV without a digital tuner an external convertor box is required to receive digital channels.

 Q&A Cast and Android

Where do I get apps for my android TV?

From the google play store you can download any content of your choice.

What can I cast on my Android/Cast TV?

You can cast photos,videos,shows and etc provided your smart phone is compatible with the cast app.

What kind of pre installed apps do I get on the on the Android TV?

  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Google play store
  • Google music
  • Cast TV

What are the Compatible apps?

  • ShowMax
  • Kodi
  • Google games
  • Dstv Now app

Where do I find the cast option on my TV ?

On your Remote locate the source button and then navigate to cast

How do I Play TV shows and movies using Google Home?

On your Skyworth Cast Tv to access the smart features follow the steps bellow.

  1. On your remote go to source
  2. Navigate to Cast tv
  3. Then setup your mobile device to connect with your cast tv using the cast icon .

How do I set up my mobile device for the cast TV?

  1. Connect your Mobile device to your wifi connection
  2. Download Google Home Cast from google play store on to your mobile device.
  3. Launch google home cast and log in to your google account.
  4. Search for the device using the google home cast app.
  5. Observe that on the cast tv screen will indicate that the set up is successful
  6. On your mobile device launch youtube and play a video of your choice and cast to screen by selecting this icon on the right hand side of your youtube screen
  7. Observe that the video will appear on your tv screen in full screen.
  8. for more apps like netflix and showmax select discover on your mobile device and search for the desired apps.
  9. the selected app will be downloaded on your device and as you access the app will allow you to cast to screen provided you downloaded the app through google home cast.


If my mobile device switches off can I continue to watch what ever I was casting on the TV?

Yes because the cast feature uses wifi to cast even if your device switches off the tv continues to cast pulling data from the wifi signal.

What kind off accessorize can I use on this device?

  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless key board
  • Wireless Game